Photo Gallery

See what we are cooking up at Flour Power Kid's Cooking Studios!

  • Garlic Knots

    Fancy campers
  • We love our Flour Power kids!

    Long time Flour Power Cutie!
  • Sprinkle, Sprinkle!

    Careful touches are key! :)
  • Homemade paint in a bag

    Camp fun!
  • Jasper

    Tortilla Pizzas
  • Flour Power Regular

    She's so cute!
  • Camp Fun!

    Spaghetti Structures
  • Laura's mom is talented

    Mask made by mom
  • North Hills camp

  • Isabelle

    Cupcake Decorating
  • North Hills camp

  • Jasper

    Homemade paint craft fun!
  • I think she likes it here!

    She's so cute!
  • North Hills camp

  • Miranda

    Happy Birthday Camper!
  • North Hills

    Lil Chef "Bob"
  • Things can get messy here at Flour Power!

    Baking fun!
  • Fun at our North Hills camp!

  • North Hills camp

    Craft time at camp!
  • Pre Class Fun

  • Fun Cupcake Party

    Some of the fantastic creations!
  • Laurel

    Lil Chef
  • Sign for community

    Caring Kids!
  • Laurel

    Homemade playdoh
  • Camp Fun!

    Spaghetti Structures
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